Con Spiro

A short film about the birth of small conspirators.

How are little conspirators born? And what life events lead them to see conspiracies around every corner? In her first feature film, director Barbora Chalupová sensitively portrays the psychology of people who no longer trust the social system they live in. The story of an ordinary family unravels the threads of a troubled relationship between a single mother and her two sons, who are thrown into a covid lockdown. The Internet is becoming a good servant for them, but a worse master. The atmosphere in the family thickens. The initially innocent joint solution to school homework develops into a detective investigation. Will the family be able to join forces and convince each other of their truth?
Directed by: Barbora Chalupova
The cast: Anita Krausová, Tobiáš Rimský, Johan Rimský, Andrej Polák, Marie Jansová, Marcela Holubová
Camera: Simon Havel
Editing: Jakub Jelinek
Music: Pavel Jan
Producer: Pavla Klimešová & Barbora Bajgarová
Co-producer: FAMU