Happily Never After

Real personal accounts of fairy tale creatures in 21. centuries

The year is 2024. Fairy creatures as we know them are an endangered species. Baba Yaga goes on trial for her crimes of child eating. One of the last water voles was recently found dead near Oldenburg, Germany, bringing the species to the brink of extinction. Sirens are no longer attractive. But there is hope! The famous anthropologist Georg Neubauer has been studying these fascinating species all his life and he can't let it go. They will no longer be overlooked, not under his watch! He will begin filming a documentary series about nature, life and the uncertain future of various fairy tale creatures. His weapons are truth, passion and low-budget cinematography. However, he soon discovers that the biggest threat to the fairy creatures is... the creatures themselves.
Directed by: Alžběta Göbelová Zatloukalová, Gabriela Hloz
The cast: Baba Yaga, Aquarius, Dwarf, Jezinka, Zmora, Domovoi, Troll, Tooth Fairy, Dragon and Death
Script: Alžběta Göbelová Zatloukalová, Gabriela Hloz, Jakub Votýpka, Dominik Grittner, Monika Estera Dembinska
Music: Alois Zatloukal, Maximilian Zwiener
Producer: Mária Môtovská